Electrical Disconnect Labels

Electrical disconnect safety labels are used when the primary means to avoid electric shock is to disconnect a single source of power to the equipment before performing service. These Clarion Safety labels have gained wide acceptance in industry for equipment whose means to isolate its power is to disconnect it. The National Electrical Code (NEC) states that “each disconnecting means shall be legibly marked to indicate its purpose unless located and arranged so the purpose is evident. In other than one or two family dwelling, the marking shall include the identification of the circuit source that supplies the disconnecting means.” The NEC also make a point to include that markings should be of sufficient durability to withstand the environment involved. 

Note that when there is more than one source of power that needs to be disconnected, we offer labels that meet this need in our “multiple sources of electrical power” category. Finding the electrical disconnect label that meets your specific requirements is easy, as we offer both symbol only and symbol and text formats, as well as indoor and outdoor options.  Browse the labels here in our catalog, or create your own to include any additional requirements you may have.

Unsure about the right label for your needs? A Clarion Safety label assessment can help.

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