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New Online Safety Resources – Now Available!

Posted by Clarion Safety Systems | 17th May 2022

We’re happy to announce the launch of our new and improved online hub of machinery and workplace safety resources.

This new ‘Safety Resources’ section of the site is dedicated to providing expertise and best practice solutions related to safety, risk, and compliance – helping industry professionals to develop and optimize their product and workplace safety initiatives. Topics covered currently spans a wide range – including best practices for safety labels and safety signs, product marking compliance, product liability, workplace health and safety management systems, personal protective equipment (PPE) concerns, and premises liability issues – with plans to continue to publish additional relevant articles.

We’ve combined our years of experience and subject matter expertise to develop comprehensive safety materials – including news articles, infographics, podcasts, and videos – while also providing a better user experience as you browse the content with fresh designs and improved navigation.

New Updates and Enhancements
“Creating safe products and workplaces is never a ‘once and done’ initiative. It involves continued education and evaluation. We know that’s top of mind for our clients, and it’s also key in how we approach our educational content,” says Erin Earley, head of communications here at Clarion Safety Systems. “This new section of our site lays the groundwork for our ongoing efforts to provide fresh resources today’s safety professionals need to stay up-to-date, whether it’s on topics related to visual safety communication like safety labels and signs, ANSI and ISO standards for product and workplace safety, compliance and regulations, or risk reduction. Our team is passionate about safety – and we’re excited to continue to grow this hub in line with both the needs of our clients’ and the latest news and events.”

Key updates and enhancements available in this launch include:

Centralized Location: The Safety Resources area now houses our educational content, safety information, industry events, and research in one easily accessible area.

Clean Design: The new hub has been redesigned with more prominent and intuitive menus for easy navigation, as well as refreshed product safety and workplace safety imagery.

New Safety Content: In addition to refreshing and continuing to update key pieces of content located in this area – including workplace and machinery research articles, case studies, videos, podcasts, product data sheets, safety events, and blogs – we’ve developed two new mediums to deliver safety information: infographics and a comprehensive safety terms glossary.

Experience Based Research
“Our standards-based expertise and holistic approach to risk reduction means that we’re a trusted partner in safety to our clients. That extends beyond providing quality safety label and sign product, and related services. This new area of our site is a testament to those efforts, as is our dedicated, standards-trained customer service team who work hand in hand with our clients to personally answer questions and provide insight on the best products and services for the situation at hand,” says our CEO, Ron Crawford.

As a company, we’ve been a longstanding and active member of both the U.S. and international standards bodies responsible for safety signs and labels. For over 30 years, we’ve been a member of the ANSI Z535 committee, and for over 20 years, a member of ISO/TC 145, a key international safety sign and label standards-writing committee, and the one tasked with standardizing symbols in the ISO 7010 library.

Best Practice Safety Products and Resources
Through our comprehensive safety credentials, we’re able to consistently publish new information and learning resources to the safety community. Our safety resources are also accompanied by our wide collection of best practice safety labels, signs, and tag products that are designed and customizable to ANSI and ISO standards. Many of these use recommendations detailed within our readily available online resources. If you have questions or would like further clarification or details on safety or compliance topics, feel free to reach out to our team.

Online Quote Request Options

Need a quote for our sign, label and tag products? Our customer service team is standing by to hear from you via phone, online chat or email! For your convenience, we also have two options you can use to submit your request quickly and easily online:

Option 1: Cart-to-quote Tool

Generate a quote for all of the items in your shopping cart. Simply add items to your online shopping cart and then click the "Get Quote for Cart Items" button in the cart preview dropdown or at the bottom of the cart page.

This option works great for both standard and custom products that are available for purchase on our website.

Option 2: Quote Request Form

Request a quote by typing in the product part number(s) or a description of the custom part(s). You can also upload RFQ-related documentation, such as a drawings and specification sheets.

This option works great for products not available for purchase on our website and for complex quotes.